Press Releases

  • E-Band Waveguide Low Pass Filter

    Spacek Labs model LPF1-86-11 is an E-Band low pass filter in WR-12 waveguide. It has a pass band of 71 to 86 GHz with an insertion loss of 1.5 dB typ and 2 dB max. The reject band is 91 to 140 GHz, with 20 dB rejection at 91 GHz and 35 dB minimum over the rest of the band. … (full description on PDF)
  • GW-920PM Micrometer-Tuned Gunn Oscillator

    Spacek Labs model GW-920PM is a cost-effective, high power Gunn oscillator. The center frequency is 92 Hz with +/- 1 GHz of mechanical tuning with other frequencies … (full description on PDF)
  • DW-2 Broadband Detector

    Spacek Labs Model DW-2 is a full-band, 75-110 GHz detector. This detector is a very cost-effective way of measuring power in the W-band spectrum. The RF input is WR-10 (UG387/UM) … (full description on PDF)
  • MVU-10 Wideband Mixer

    Spacek Labs Model MVU-10 is a wide-band mixer with full-band coverage in both the RF and the LO ports. The RF port spans from 50 to 75 GHz in WR-15 and the LO port from 40 to 60 GHz in WR-19. Local oscillator power requirements … (full description on PDF)
  • RV-13 Full Band Receiver

    Spacek Labs Model RV-13 is a full-band receiver which downconverts all of V-Band (50-75 GHz) to an IF band from 1 to 26 GHz. The LO is derived from a free- running Gunn … (full description on PDF)
  • 94 GHz X12 Active Multiplier

    Model A940-12XW-8 is a X12 active frequency multiplier intended to extend a 10 dBm low frequency input signal at 7.833 GHz up to 94.0 GHz with a minimum output power of 4dBm. While maintaining excellent rejection of unwanted harmonics … (full description on PDF)
  • Chebyshev-Style Coax Low-Pass Filter Cuts Off At 36 GHz

    Model CLPF30-9 is a Chebyshev-style low-pass filter that passes signals to 36 GHz with less than 1.5 dB insertion loss. At 40 GHz it exhibits rejection of 30 dB. Rejection is greater than 40 dB from 42 to 65 GHz … (full description on PDF)
  • Millimeter-Wave Synthesizer

    Model FS-34-36-20 is a 34 to 36 GHz frequency synthesizer. The output power across the band is +20 dBm thru WR-28 waveguide or a 2.92mm coax connector. For controlling the synthesizer, a 20-pin connector supplies DC power (+8volts @ 2 A typ.), serial tuning … (full description on PDF)