Frequency Synthesizers

Standard Features:
  • 18 to 110 GHz performance (in bands)
  • 10 msec switching speed
  • Internal or external reference
  • 10 Hz step size

Spacek Labs (high frequency) synthesizers consist of a lower frequency synthesizer followed by a frequency multiplier, amplifier and output filter. For controlling the synthesizer, a 20 pin connector supplies DC power, 5-wire serial tuning, lock status, narrow and wideband FM, and ground connections. Step sizes are available down to 10 Hz and switching speeds can be 10 msec for a 100 MHz step. Internal or external reference options are available (typically 10 MHz). DC bias is 12V at 2A typical. Operating temperature range is -20 to 70 C.

Narrow your search results by band:

  • 12-18 (GHz)
  • 18-26.5 (GHz)
  • 26.5-40 (GHz)
  • 33-50 (GHz)
  • 40-60 (GHz)
  • 50-75 (GHz)
  • 60-90 (GHz)
  • 75-110 (GHz)
Model NumberOutput Frequency
Phase Noise
@ 100kHz offset
Step Size
FS-43-46-1643-4616- 81 dBc/ Hz-60-600.
FS-34-36-2034-3620-81 dBc/ Hz-60-600.
FS-20-24-2020-2420-87 dBc/ Hz-60-601
FS-16-20-1316-2013-87 dBc/ Hz-60-601
FS-12-16-1316-2013-110 dBc/Hz-70-600.