Phase-Locked Sources

Standard Features:
  • Low phase-noise
  • Internal or external reference
  • Lock alarm indicator
  • Available from 18 to 110 GHz
  • Stability to 0.2 ppm over 0 to 50 C

Spacek Labs PLO s consist of a DRO microwave phase locked oscillator followed by a mm-wave frequency multiplier, amplifier and filter. To minimize phase-noise, the fundamental frequency of the basic PLO is usually in Ku-band or higher. This allows the use of a relatively low multiplication factor (n) in the final stage, thus reducing the output phase-noise which is the fundamental phase-noise 20log(n). Output filtering reduces the level of unwanted harmonics from the fundamental PLO to 60 dBc or more. Internal or external reference options are available. Lock alarm circuits can be provided as TTL or open collector. Any frequency from 18 to 110 GHz is available. Every unit is built to the customer s electrical and mechanical needs, whether it is integrated into a weatherized NEMA enclosure or mounted on a base plate. Bias is 12 or 15 VDC @ 1.0A typ. Any type and location for the input/output ports (coax or waveguide), bias and/or control connectors can be specified for whatever the application requires.

The following list of phase-lock sources only represents a range of our capabilities. There are too many variations of specifications to list them all. Please speak with our engineers to determine the right balance of performance and cost to meet your exact needs

Narrow your search results by band:

  • 12-18 (GHz)
  • 18-26.5 (GHz)
  • 26.5-40 (GHz)
  • 33-50 (GHz)
  • 40-60 (GHz)
  • 50-75 (GHz)
  • 60-90 (GHz)
  • 75-110 (GHz)
Model NumberOutput Frequency
Phase Noise
@ 100kHz offset
(ppm from 0-60°C)
PL2-35-1535 GHz30 mW-95 dBc/Hz-70 dBc-50 dBc2
PL2-24-1024 GHz10 mW-97 dBc/Hz-80 dBc-50 dBc5
PL3-42-1542 GHz30 mW-92 dBc/Hz-70 dBc-50 dBc5
PL4-60-760 GHz5 mW-90 dBc/Hz-60 dBc-50 dBc0.
PL6-84-784 GHz5 mW-87 dBc/Hz-50 dBc-50 dBc5
PL6-94-794 GHz5 mW-83 dBc/Hz-50 dBc-50 dBc2