Radiometer Front-Ends

Standard Features:
  • 18 to 110 GHz coverage
  • Low DSB noise figure
  • Single or dual input channels
  • 30 to 60 dB RF to IF gain
  • 110 K typ noise injection
  • Down conversion and direct-detect systems

Spacek Labs Radiometer Front-ends are available in frequencies from 18 to 110 GHz. Our Radiometers are offered in bandwidths spanning a frequency range from less than 1 GHz to 10 GHz. We typically use a dual junction isolator at the input followed by a 20 dB cross-guide coupler. A noise source requiring about 15 mA of bias is on the coupled arm. This assembly feeds one of our low noise receivers. While we offer a lineup of standard Radiometer designs, we more often are designing and building systems to meet our customers needs whether those needs are to fit their electrical, mechanical or pricing requirements.

Narrow your search results by band:

  • 12-18 (GHz)
  • 18-26.5 (GHz)
  • 26.5-40 (GHz)
  • 33-50 (GHz)
  • 40-60 (GHz)
  • 50-75 (GHz)
  • 60-90 (GHz)
  • 75-110 (GHz)
Model NumberInput Freq.
RF to IF Gain
ApplicationNoise FigureConnectors
R23.8-U23.860Water Vapor3.5WR-42
R20.7-U20.760Water Vapor3.5WR-42
R20.7-U20.760Water Vapor3.5WR-42
R55-U51 - 5960Temperature Profiler5WR-15
R31.4-U31.460Water Vapor3.5WR-28
R89-U88 - 9060Water Vapor6WR-10