Standard Features:
  • RF input / output 18 to 110 GHz
  • Full or partial band coverage
  • Conversion gain available
  • Channel isolation: 60 dB min
  • Output power to 1 Watt
  • Input noise figure of as low as 4 dB
  • Input /output isolators available
  • Weatherized NEMA housing available
  • AC or DC input power

Spacek Labs transceivers are available from 18-110 GHz. System bandwidths range from under 1 GHz to full waveguide bandwidths. Fully contained in a weather proof box with either coax or waveguide ports, these transceivers are designed to offer premium performance at a fair price. These separate two-channel, full-duplex designs use a common phase-locked local oscillator driving two mixers. The upconverting mixer has a bandpass filter followed by an optional power amplifier on the output. The downconverting mixer can have an optional low-noise amplifier in front of it. Output powers of up to 1 watt and noise figures as low as 4.0 dB are available. Through proper filtering, cross channel isolation is greater than 60 dB. Also available are multiple channel versions - i.e. one upconverter channel and two to four downconverter channels. Any LO frequency can be chosen to optimize the IF band.

Narrow your search results by band:

  • 12-18 (GHz)
  • 18-26.5 (GHz)
  • 26.5-40 (GHz)
  • 33-50 (GHz)
  • 40-60 (GHz)
  • 50-75 (GHz)
  • 60-90 (GHz)
  • 75-110 (GHz)
Model NumberPout1
IF to RF Gain
RF to IF Gain
Noise Figure2
TR60-81555 - 65505-1510105
TR77-41276 - 78733-510105
TR94-101292 - 98848-1410105
TRK-121518 - 26.5358.5 - 1715105
TRKa-101526.5 - 40444 - 17.515106


  • 1 - Higher output power available
  • 2 - Lower noise figure available